Audio-Video Group and Community Partner Frederick Health: Upgrading for the Future

Audio-Video Group and Community Partner Frederick Health: Upgrading for the Future Audio-Video Group is proud to work with strategic partner Frederick Health. When they needed to upgrade two conference rooms and two training rooms in their main hospital facility, they turned to Audio-Video Group first. The IT department at Frederick Health is key to the hospital’s function on a day-to-day level, and so ensuring they have what they need to work well is key. The conference rooms on the lower lev

Four Winds Farm and Equine Hospital Offers the Complete Package of Equestrian Excellence | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Rittmueller’s father, Dr. Kim Braeutigam, runs Four Winds Equine Hospital and Michigan Equine Surgical Associates on the same property where her mother, Chris Braeutigam, established her riding school. “My grandfather had a mixed animal practice,” Rittmueller explained, and so her father had a lifelong immersion in veterinary medicine. He knew it was his calling. “When my mother was five years old, she would gather all the neighborhood dogs and keep them in the garage. She was the kind of kid

Spur Tech Continues to Innovate with a Fresh and Safe Redesign of the Tack Cleaning Hook | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Safety is the most important aspect of horsemanship. Those of us who grew up in the United States Pony Club system may recall the classic drawings illustrating the difference between a safe barn aisle and a dangerous one—pitchforks in the aisle and electrical cords in reach of horse teeth are to be avoided to keep ourselves and our horses safe. And don’t forget the fire extinguishers! But one ubiquitous and hazardous piece of equipment has been in need of a redesign: the tack hook. Hanging in c

From Backyard Ponies to A Shows: Ada Cosby’s Career Proves the Power of Loving the Process | The Plaid Horse Magazine

For many of us, riding as a kid meant galloping bareback through fields instead of glossy ponies and hunter courses. Ada Cosby is no exception. She began riding at six years old and did all the things a kid can do with a pony—from foxhunting to riding down to the corner store to buy candy. “It was a luxury,” she said of her upbringing in horses. “It expanded my love of horses as well as my knowledge.” As she grew up, she got more interested in competition and moved into bigger barns. Eventuall

Prioritizing the Horse Yields Great Rewards for JJ Lavieri & Cassidy Equestrian Services | The Plaid Horse Magazine

JJ Lavieri had what was, for many horse lovers, the dream childhood. His parents owned a Venezuelan cattle ranch where he spent much of his time. “I was always on a horse,” he said. At eight years old, JJ began taking English riding lessons and fell in love with the change in discipline. He wanted the western horses to be his hobby and the English riding to be his sport. Even as a young person, that’s how he set up his equestrian life. Parents supportive of his passion, JJ found an early mentor

Atlantic Equine Services Brings the Best in Equine Sports Medicine | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Every rider, trainer, and owner of horses has one thing in common: we’re all worried about our horses’ soundness and health on some level. Whether our horses are in a demanding competition program or our trail companion, we want them to feel good and do their jobs well. Atlantic Equine Services helps horses up and down the east coast. Founded by the world renowned Dr. Omar Maher, the practice specializes in equine sports medicine and lameness. Not only does the practice stay on the cutting edge

Morgan Caplane: From County Shows to the Grand Prix Ring | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Morgan Caplane got her start in horses in the most delightfully unfettered way a child could, and has grown that seed of passion into a successful imports and sales business in California. Her desire to be in the barn every single day has turned into the gift of finding the right horses for specific jobs. Neither of Caplane’s parents were horse people, but when she was a young child they bought a property in Mariposa as a weekend getaway. “The guy who came to do the fencing told them the proper

Peg Seals: From a $100 Pony to the Hall of Fame | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Peg Seals got her start riding ponies at birthday parties, and is now one of the top professionals on the East Coast. She owns Freedom Farm in Smithfield, Virginia—a full service boarding and training facility serving the hunter/jumper crowd. “When I was a little kid, I learned that it was possible to rent birthday party ponies for $8 a day. And then I realized it didn’t have to be my birthday to rent the ponies! So I would save up my $8 and rent a pony for a day. I probably rode the ponies’ le

Pam Baker’s Quest for Empathy in the Hunter/Jumper Sport | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Pam Baker’s name is familiar in the hunter/jumper world, and with good reason. She has spent a lifetime in the industry. A master of the craft, she has worked with horses and riders for decades. Baker’s equestrian lineage goes back to Captain Vladimir Littauer and Clayton Bailey, early proponents of the American system of forward riding. “The only reason I’m still in the business is that I went to a clinic when I was a teenager that Captain Littauer was giving, and I’d never heard anyone talk a

The Clothes Horse: Decades of Excellent Craftsmanship Bring Lifelong Rewards | The Plaid Horse Magazine

There’s something so elegant about the perfectly turned out horse in a custom cooler. For decades, The Clothes Horse has set the bar for horsewear and is well known for providing the awards coolers for The Devon Horse Show. They feature almost limitless color and pattern options with attention to even the smallest detail to appeal to every horse owner. We sat down with Katrina Coldren, owner of The Clothes Horse since 2001, to learn more about this incredible legacy brand and her involvement in

Maria Shannon Continues a Legacy of Supreme Horsemanship at The Barracks in Virginia | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Maria Shannon has been riding since before she could walk. She had the good fortune to be born into an equestrian family. Parents Tom and Claiborne Bishop, owners of The Barracks in Charlottesville, Virginia, taught her to ride, as did well known Virginia trainer Glenn Moody. Like Shannon, her parents have been lifelong equestrians. Her mother, Claiborne, began riding at age three with Elliewood Keith at Keithwood, where she would eventually meet Tom. The two married in 1970, the same year they

Equestrian Excursion: Golden Gate Fields | The Plaid Horse Magazine

I love Thoroughbreds. They are definitely my breed of choice for my personal riding and showing. While I don’t have a lot of direct experience with the racing industry, I certainly appreciate it because it produces the horses that I love so much. Enter Golden Gate Fields: a racing venue in on the shore of the San Francisco Bay. What could be better? Golden Gate Fields, opened in 1941, remains the only major thoroughbred race track in Northern California since Bay Meadows closed in 2008. The ven

Hard Work & Good Horsemanship Pay Off for Alliyah & Kierstin Antoniadis | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Alliyah and Kierstin Antoniadis are young riders demonstrating the value of horsemanship to a successful riding career. Many adults remember being horse crazy kids who were dropped off at the barn for an entire day- scrubbing buckets, cleaning stalls, riding whatever fuzzy lesson ponies they could get on. It’s a great way to learn about horses, but kids don’t always have those opportunities these days. Alliyah and Kierstin figured out how to make opportunity for themselves from a very young ag

Zachary Parks and the Gift of Horses | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Zachary Parks had an unlikely start to his equestrian career. During his very first ride, on the beach in California, he fell off and got his foot caught in the stirrup and wound up in the intensive care unit. “I got hooked—literally,” he joked. Most people would likely call it a day at that point and move on to a different, safer hobby like skydiving… but Parks felt pulled back to horses. When his family moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, he was fortunate to be able to take riding lessons at

Kasey Evans Sets Proper Foundations for Success with Thoroughbreds, Happy Clients, IHSA and More at Bridlewood Farm | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Kasey Evans understands that good things take time. The southwestern Virginia resident takes the long view on green horses and riders, which lets her keep an eye on what really matters: a solid education for the horse and rider that will serve them well in the long run. “I got my start later than kids do now,” she said. “I started riding at 10 or 11 and got my first horse when I was 13.” She rode with legendary Virginia hunter trainers like Chris Wynne and Pam Baker, which meant that she got th

Old Seoul Equestrian: A Passion for the Grassroots Meets Excellence in Horsemanship | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Courtney Hayden-Fromm didn’t necessarily envision that her entire professional life would involve horses, but as the owner of Old Seoul Equestrian, horses are beyond even a job: her family life is wrapped up in them too. When Fromm was little, her babysitters, including Sarah Meier–now a professional rider in Lexington, Kentucky–would take her to the barn with them. They were the ideal supervision for the horse crazy kid, and led her down the path that would define the rest of her life. Fr
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