TPH Review: The Perfect Bit | The Plaid Horse Magazine

There are many great things about riding young horses and thoroughbreds off the track, but the young horses come with challenges. One challenge for many horses is teaching them to accept contact, and then to use that contact productively. This process involves a lot more than equipment—the horse has to be mentally and physically prepared over a period of time. The rider needs to have a good feel for when to add pressure and when to remove it as well as educated hands. But the bit also makes a

R.J. Classics: Bringing Tradition and Innovation to Every Rider | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Tradition and innovation are both prized values in equestrian sports. Some may feel they are in opposition with each other, but R.J. Classics has married these concepts in their apparel line for people of all ages and budgets. Now in their 20th year of business, their success shows. R.J. Classics is a family owned business. Roberta Weintraub founded the company in 1999, and it’s now run by her daughters, Michelle Seltzer and Jennifer Eisenberg. Originally, the family worked in the menswear indu

Boy O Boy Bridleworks is Bringing Pride to our Riding Outfits | The Plaid Horse Magazine

There are as many ways to be queer as there are queer people in the world. When it comes to degrees of how out and proud to be, my style is to dial it up to 11. Rainbows everywhere! The new eight stripe flag is so fetch. I put them on saddle pads, in my trailer windows, and even tattooed on my body. I also have my favorite Audre Lorde quote, “Your silence will not protect you,” tattooed on my arm—so it’s pretty clear where I stand on being out. When my friend Susan Benson from Somerset Equestri

Show Your Pride with Rainbow Equestrian Gear for Horse & Rider | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Pride month might be behind us, but if you’re anything like me you want to express your pride all year round. Who doesn’t love rainbows? I took to the internet to track down the cutest rainbow equestrian gear I could find. Boy O Boy Bridleworks has a brand new Proud belt. I have it, I love it, I don’t know how I lived without it. It’s my go-to belt for schooling, clinics, and showing. Their belts are completely customizable, so you can have it made however you’d like. C4 makes two rainbow belt

Mackey USA: Innovative and Fashionable Products for Horse and Rider | The Plaid Horse Magazine

One of the many struggles of horse ownership is keeping our horses comfortable during the fly-riddled summer months without spending all of our time out in the paddocks searching for missing fly masks and fly boots. Plus, most of the fly masks and boots on the market today don’t fit the aesthetic many of us love for our horses. Let’s face it–we like to have beautiful things for our horses and our barns, and it’s no fun to sacrifice taste for durability. That’s where Mackey USA comes in to save

Virtue Soap Company: Artisan Soaps that Give Back | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Today’s equestrians are health-conscious and environmentally-aware animal lovers who want the best for themselves and their four-legged companions. As equestrians, we have all become more educated about the importance of what we feed ourselves, our horses, and our dogs because we know that it’s very important to our health to eat and feed the best. Virtue Soap Company wants to do the same for soap. Using the highest quality soaps matters, not only because of the environmental impact of what we’

BrushBuster: Reimagining a Grooming Classic | The Plaid Horse Magazine

It would be challenging to find an equestrian who has not brushed a horse. Some of us love it and linger over the routine. Some of us make quick work of it to keep the day moving forward. Some of us deal with fussy horses who don’t especially enjoy it. But we all think of the same thing when we think of a horse brush: a wood or plastic oval or rectangle with bristles of varying lengths and textures. When something is so ubiquitous and uncomplicated in our lives, most of us don’t stop to consi

Does Traditional Have to Mean Plain? A Look at Show Shirts | The Plaid Horse Magazine

The hunter ring is a great place to catch up on modern fashion and trends. When scrolling through beautiful pictures of gleaming riders, I discovered I found that an unassuming show shirt is key to pulling off a polished appearance. Some of the trend changes are obvious at a first glance. The ratcatcher is OUT and the wrap collar is IN. No one better be caught in a shirt that isn’t as white as the driven snow lest they be tagged a rebel who can’t be trusted. I mean, hunters don’t even wear pink

Spur Tech Continues to Innovate with a Fresh and Safe Redesign of the Tack Cleaning Hook | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Safety is the most important aspect of horsemanship. Those of us who grew up in the United States Pony Club system may recall the classic drawings illustrating the difference between a safe barn aisle and a dangerous one—pitchforks in the aisle and electrical cords in reach of horse teeth are to be avoided to keep ourselves and our horses safe. And don’t forget the fire extinguishers! But one ubiquitous and hazardous piece of equipment has been in need of a redesign: the tack hook. Hanging in c

HorseScents Relax Horses Naturally | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Equestrians of all stripes worry about their horses’ comfort, from turnout safety to saddle fit to emotional wellbeing.We invest a lot in our animals, and prioritizing their welfare is key to good horsemanship. Chrisie Van Cleef, a New Jersey-based hunter rider, found herself extremely concerned for her gelding Caprioso’s welfare a few years ago when he fell ill with a tick borne disease. Casting about for ways to help him stay relaxed and emotionally healthy during his recuperation, she looked

Oaklyn Tack Leads the Way to a Sustainable Future with Fleece Girths Made of Recycled Plastics | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Emily Barrett and her twin sister, Laura Santomauro, learned to appreciate horses and nature together. Although their professional paths took different directions, they have merged their skill sets, love of horses, and appreciation for the environment into the one of a kind Oaklyn Tack. The two grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania in the heart of horse country. “We had access to some of the most beautiful preserved land and horse farms around,” Emily recalled. “Most of our upbringing consist

Breese Pin Bands: Customizable Options for Medical ID Bracelets and More | The Plaid Horse Magazine

I love eventing for many reasons: the cross-disciplinary elements that compel us to make our horses both fit and rideable; the exciting nature of cross country; the enormous freedom of expression in tack and attire, especially in the jumping phases. Eventers love to color coordinate our attire and tack, and have a lot of required equipment to match. One piece that’s been bothering me for years is the medical ID we have to wear when we run cross country. When I was growing up, we had arm bands.

Uvex Helmets: For Beautiful Style and the Perfect Fit | The Plaid Horse Magazine

I love to look my best when I’m competing. While my cute riding outfit may not help Mo jump better, we likely ride better when we feel confident in how we look going into the ring. A critical component for both rider turnout and safety is the helmet. Recently, I got the helmet of my dreams: a Uvex Suxxeed Luxury in navy. Let me tell you—it’s everything I could have ever wanted and then some. It’s a beautiful helmet. I’ve never been a huge one for bling, but the subtle crystals in the frame are

Pony Suds is More Than Tack Soap | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Tiny kids are common at horse shows running around with their friends in cute bows and garter straps with adorable ponies. But there is one five year old that goes to horse shows not just to ride, but also to run her business. Peyton Finch is growing up under the tutelage of trainer and small business owner, Denise. Her mom owns Hunter’s Edge, a successful USHJA recognized riding school in Las Vegas. Peyton’s entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally, as does her desire to be part of something big

TPH Review: Total Saddle Fit Stability Leathers | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Many years ago when I was in grad school and couldn’t afford a horse, I played roller derby. I made terrific friends, was the fittest I’ve ever been, and wore myself out enough that I could actually sit down and get my writing done. And then I shattered my left ankle in practice. Really shattered it. “This…couldn’t be worse,” the orthopedic surgeon said the day before he operated. After healing and finishing grad school, I got back into eventing but had to be careful with that ankle. One

TPH Review: SaddleMattress | The Plaid Horse Magazine

A few months ago after noticing that my thoroughbred wasn’t using his back as well as he normally does, I asked my saddle fitter to come take a look. When she flipped my beloved wool-flocked dressage saddle over and pointed to a dent in the panel that aligned perfectly with the bar of the steel rack my saddle lives on, I was horrified. Fortunately, because my saddle is wool flocked, she could fix it on the spot. But she cautioned against keeping my saddles on the rack with no protection. She al

TPH Review: Jamie Slye Hats | The Plaid Horse Magazine

I’ve always wanted to be a stylish person, but it can be tricky as a person who doesn’t fit into any easily categorized style or gender to find clothing and accessories I like and that fit me well. So when I came across Jamie Slye Hats, I was thrilled. Accessories make the outfit, after all! This is a company that makes high quality, attractive hats in a variety of colors and styles, and who doesn’t dictate who should wear what according to arbitrary fashion “rules.” The website shows models of

TPH Review: ChuckUms Wraps | The Plaid Horse Magazine

I live in my barn—literally—and manage the six horses who live in it with me. It’s a great life, but comes with a lot of responsibility. There’s no one else to turn to if I discover a problem with one of my horses. I’m the one calling the vet while I take temperatures, cold hose injuries, and wrap legs. Fortunately, my Pony Club education has helped me a lot with all of this, and I feel confident in my ability to manage just about anything until the vet or farrier arrives. One thing I’ve learne

TPH Review: Rydale Clothing | The Plaid Horse Magazine

Springtime means all kinds of weather, and those April showers mean cute all-weather riding gear. Like most of us, I’m on a budget, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered the British equestrian clothing company, Rydale. I could easily have purchased everything on their site in my size. It’s all adorable, comes in cool colors and patterns, and is so affordable. But in an effort to restrain myself, I narrowed my selection to a few things I really needed. First, I knew I needed the Askwi