REFLECTIVE Ready-to Ship Coupling Leash

Two dogs? No problem. The Boy-O-Boy reflective coupling leash lets you use one lead for both dogs so you can focus on the scenery and not on keeping leashes untangled. Our reflective material helps drivers and other pedestrians see you coming at night. The coupling leash set comes with one leash and one detachable coupler, so you can walk one or both of your dogs. All parts are made with our high end bridle leather, sturdy stainless steel hardware, and quality durable poly grosgrain ribbon woven

REFLECTIVE Ready-to Ship Dog Leash

Walking your dog at night can be peaceful, a time to think back over your day. This reflective leash will help give you peace of mind--literally. Ensure your visibility on your stroll with this durable, high-quality leash. During the day, enjoy its elegant silver sheen which becomes reflective at night under bright light. The poly grosgrain ribbon is woven with the same reflective material first responders wear, so we know it’s durable and top notch. * Matching stainless O-ring on the loop hand

WARRENTON Ready-to Ship Tone-on-Tone Dog Leash

Get a grip on your dog in timeless style with the Boy-O-Boy Warrenton leash. Our leashes are made of the same high-quality bridle leather as our browbands and belts, with tone-on-tone shades of satin and grosgrain ribbon. Coordinate your choice with a Warrenton collar for your dog and belt for you and you’ll be the best-dressed pack at the park, the barn or the horse show! A matching collar completes your buddy's new look! * Made of sturdy, vibrant poly grosgrain and satin ribbon handwoven arou

WARRENTON Ready-to Ship Tone-on-Tone Dog Collar with Buckle Closure

Your dog is adorable no matter what, but a Boy-O-Boy Warrenton collar will really show him off. Available in two widths for dogs large and small and in a classic variety of subtle satin and grosgrain tone-on-tone colors, your dog will look as polished and well-groomed as you and your horse. Plus, the ribbon will never fade or bleed, so your dog can have fun while looking great. Really bring the look together with a matching lead or coupling leash. Matching leads and coupling leashes complete yo

Sun Hat with Custom Woven Band

Are you a hard-working but stylish trainer who wants to show your true colors (or your barn or team colors) while protecting your face from the sun? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of the perfect picnic outfit and need a finishing touch to pull the look together and show off your true colors. No matter the occasion, a Boy-O-Boy wide-brimmed hat with a custom woven hatband in classic Boy-O-Boy style will ensure you stand out and raise your SPF while looking elegant. * Elastic inner hat band; one size

OLD FAVORITES Ready-to Ship Dog Leash

We love horses here at Boy-O-Boy, and horse people are also dog people. Those are the rules. And we want our dogs to be as fashionable as the horses are, especially if they’re going to be riding along in the golf carts on show days. The Old Favorites Leash is made of the same high-quality ribbon and leather that we make our browbands and belts from, because your dog deserves the best, too. Coordinate your horse and your dog, show your true colors, and reach new levels of matchy-matchy excellence